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Create a beautiful, thriving garden 

this weekend 

with confidence

(Even if you have never gardened before,  

don't have any idea where to start, 

or struggled with gardening in the past)

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Whether you're planting your first seed or you're a seasoned grower, our course is tailored to make everyone feel at home and experience more success in their garden.

Master foundational tips, tricks, and techniques 

to enhance your gardening experience and success

Engage in Earth stewardship while enhancing your own wellbeing 

(as well as the health and wellbeing of your family, friends, and neighbors)

Successfully create a vibrant garden 

where you know how to amend soil, mulch, cover crop, compost, use the "chop and drop" method, biochar, Biodynamics, start seeds, prepare garden beds, companion plant, and so much more

Meet your host instructor

Hello and welcome! My name is Aaron Perry, and I am the founder of Y on Earth. My long-time vision has been to bring planetary prosperity to everyone, where I weave in joy, compassion, and stewardship.

I have been passionate about the environment, gardening, and building community for as long as I can remember

In high school, I was involved in leadership roles around sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social justice issues.

While in grad school, I would spend weekends and holidays studying Permaculture and Indigenous Wisdom throughout the Rocky Mountain region. I even facilitated multiple Permaculture Design Certification courses and launched companies in the recycling, renewable energy and local and organic food sectors. 

All these experiences (plus many more unmentioned) gave me a deep view into the food and agriculture system and realized that I wanted to do a lot more around education.

So many people feel busy and stressed, and gardening is an excellent answer to that. It reduces stress, improves quality of life, and improves mood and mind/body/spirit experience

Growing food is one of the best ways to get affordable, high-nutrition food for many people. It increases our food resilience, food security, and neighborhood resilience. 

I am so honored to bring to you a beautiful collaboration of world-renowned gardening experts to give you life-long skills for sustainable gardening at any scale.

Thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy!

Learn from 9 different experts in their field:

Simple Gardening Wisdom Masterclass 

with Nick DiDomenico and Aaron Perry

Natural Weed Management

with Helen Atthowe

 Wisdom of "Weeds" 

with Brigitte Mars

 Natural Bee Keeping 

with Joy & Eric McEwen

 Introduction to Biodynamics 

with Stewart Lundy

 Backyard Biochar Mastery

with Kelpie Wilson

Secrets to Expert Compost Tea Making 

with Shelby Kaminski

PLUS, you will receive these FREE bonuses:

 eBook/audiobook: Y on Earth: Get Smarter. Feel Better. Heal the Planet.

 eBook: Soil Stewardship Handbook

 Course companion manual 

 Companion planting guide 

 Lifetime access to future add-on modules

 Exclusive access to LIVE STREAMED real-time sessions with course teachers

See What Our Students Are Saying

"The simplicity of the course is refreshing, with practical and to the point instruction, giving me more confidence when getting in the garden. Which is a big change for me. 

I now see the soil in a whole new way and feel comfortable working with it to strengthen and nurture it."




The Simple Gardening Wisdom course
PLUS all 6 add-on modules
AND all bonus resources retail for $209.99
Get Everything Today For Only $97.00

Our experts will guide you through each module, ensuring you understand and enjoy the process of growing your own food, herbs, and flowers. 

This course is a seed of knowledge that will sprout and grow into a lifetime of gardening wisdom. 

Get your green thumb ready, buy now, and let's start planting! 


  • How long does the course take?
    There are 11 videos in the main course (Simple Gardening Wisdom) that total about an hour of watch time. These are the most important videos and you can easily get started after watching these.

    The add-on, single videos total roughly 2.5 hours. They give you a more in-depth understanding on specific topics related to gardening successfully.
  • How much space do I need to start a garden?
    You can create a garden of any size, small or large. Starting with one bed that measures roughly 2 foot wide by 4 foot long will take an average of 1-2 hours per week to maintain. Some weeks will take more time and other weeks will take less, depending on the season.
  • Is it too late to start a garden this year?
    There is always something you can do in the garden year round. Some seeds can be planted as late as June, July, and August.

    If it is approaching fall/winter, that is a great time to work on other things for the garden, such as creating a compost pile or setting up the beds for next year, which is discussed in the video modules.
  • Is this all organic gardening?
    Yes, we encourage the use of organic methods as much as possible. We discourage the use of pesticides as it impacts pollinators, water quality, and soil quality.

    There are a variety of organic gardening methods that are covered in the modules, including how to manage weeds effectively without the using herbicide or spending an exorbitant amount of time weeding.
  • How much time does it take to maintain a garden?
    On average over the year, one garden bed that is 2 foot by 4 foot wide will take about 1-2 hours per week. That is about 10-20 minutes per day.

    Ten garden beds of the same size don't take up much more time, roughly 2-3 hours per week.

    The weekly time can vary a lot depending on the season. You typically spend a lot more time on it in the spring than you do in the winter.
  • Do I have to have experience gardening?
    No, this course is designed for complete beginners, as well as people who have some experience. You will learn all the fundamentals you need for creating and maintaining a healthy, vibrant garden for however long you want.
  • How do I know what tools or materials I need for my garden?
    We have a course manual that includes a tool and supply list which covers the items we show in the video courses.
  • What will I learn from the course?
    You will feel confident in knowing how to garden successfully and maintain it for a long time. The skills you gain can be applied to any garden you start, whether it is now or later in your life too.

    You will understand how to build healthy soil, manage weeds organically, how to prep garden beds for planting, how to grow seeds, and how to put your garden bed to rest. We share the reasons for why we do this so you have a deeper understanding of the gardening cycle and its relationship to nature.

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